"...Stefan Sittig successfully captures the essence of Fosse's sharp-angled, finger-snapping, limbs-akimbo design. [He] admirably pays tribute to Fosse while working within the 
constraints of the shallow performance floor. He has found middle ground for the varied levels of talent in the ensemble, particularly evident in the sexy, provocative production number 'Big Spender,' one of Fosse's signature pieces."-Michael Toscano, The Washington Post

"...the choreography by Stefan Sittig is very exciting and well performed."
​-Seth Bisen-Hersh, NYTheatre.com

"Unapologetically entertaining..." -Paula Durbin, The Washington Post

"The performers contribute a great deal...looking and sounding decidedly period doing the undulating 70s dances of Stefan Sittig."-Matthew Murray, TalkinBroadway.com

“Choreographer Stefan Sittig performs wonders with the intricate movements of the strippers as well as with all the movements of the actors involved with the comedic sketches.” 
-David Friscic, DC Metro Theatre Arts​

“Stefan Sittig delights with complex choreography, managing lively dance and cheerleading routines…” -Jordan Wright, Whisk & Quill

“Choreographer Stefan Sittig brings down the house several times with this richly talented cast! The dancing is high-spirited and non-stop!” -Sarah Jordan Brown, The Zebra

“…high energy dances, creatively choreographed by Stefan Sittig. Everyone dances with precision, and adds “bits” to their characterizations.” -Jenna Jones, DC Metro Theatre Arts

Anything Goes at The Little Theatre of Alexandria has stellar director, even better cast…highly recommended!” -Jordan Wright, Alexandria Times

“LTA puts Broadway on the Potomac with Anything Goes. Veteran director Stefan Sittig compiled a large and talented cast. The dancing got better and better as the show went on….(and) had that slightly 1920’s Charleston quality, with a delightful swing worthy of the age.”
-Kirsten Obadal, Local Kicks

"***** Five Stars! Thanks to Choreographer Stefan Sittig...several splendid production numbers that the ultra-talented ensemble members perform in this show. A major highlight of the show is a beautiful ballet to the dreamy and romantic ballad 'Somewhere'. The choreography alone would make it worth seeing..."-Barbara Braswell, DC Metro Theatre Arts

“Stefan Sittig’s hoppin’ clever and humorous choreography is simply brilliant, and hilarious, and so much fun to watch, and it’s not easy choreography to perform at times, but this ensemble is having a blast with it.” -Joel Markowitz, DC Metro Theatre Arts

“The chorus is great and the clever choreography by Stefan Sittig not only propels the music, but also the story and stage setting.”-Laura Fries, Alexandria News

“Choreographer Stefan Sittig designed simple yet effective movement throughout the show (...) with the right mix of humor, beauty, and the raunchiness one would expect in The Rocky Horror Show." 
-Anne Vandercook, DC Metro Theatre Arts

"...some fine fancy footwork compliments of Choreographer Stefan Sittig. Many of the group numbers, such as “Unafraid” and “The Flame” feature circular marching or moving patterns that cause the stage to be filled with more members of the ensemble then there actually are. This is a clever trick to allow the production to feel fuller.  Sittig does a fantastic job of framing Flora in several of the numbers, especially in “The Kid Herself” where the men dance and converge around Flora to create a human flower of sorts with the men as the petals and Flora as the center.  Sittig’s aesthetically pleasing work continues with Kenny (Sam Edgerly) and Maggie (Kelsy Meiklejohn) during 'Keepin’ It Hot' where the couple gets to showcase a plethora of intricate tap dance moves partnered together for one hell of a number." -Amanda Gunther, DC Metro Theatre 

"Stefan Sittig's choreography keeps the action moving with determined actors turned dancers. One of the "wow" choreographed scenes is when Kelsey Meiklejohn and Sam Edgerly tap dance an energetic, synchronized duet. " -David Siegel, Fairfax Connection 
"Credit for these sequences, including one in which Aldonza, with almost balletic grace, ministers to Quixote’s and Sancho’s wounds, and another in which she is brutally assaulted by the Muleteers, also goes to choreographer and fight director Stefan Sittig."-Leslie Weisman, DC Theatre Scene

"McLean Community Players has a real winner in 'Jerry’s Girls'. Directed/Choreographed by Stefan Sittig, the show is solidly cast, musically varied and a pleasure to watch, a first-class treat at community-theater prices." -Brian Trompeter, Alexandria Sun Gazette   

"...oustanding athletic choreography by Stefan Sittig."-Michael Toscano, The Washington Post

"Numbers accompanied by Stefan Sittig's lively choreography, reminiscent of Hermes Pan's, are the most successful." -Janet Hopf, Washington City Paper

"...dancers amusingly choreographed with Rockette precision." 
-Cecilia Porter, The Washington Post

"Stefan Sittig gave wonderful sound and fury to the choreography...especially the fight and rape scene."-Bob Anthony, AllArtsReview4u

 "The show is a slick, first class revue with nine very talented ladies singing the music of Broadway’s Jerry Herman. Directed and choreographed beautifully by Stefan Sittig."
-Rich Massabny, Arlington Weekly News TV

"Stefan Sittig evinces an assurance and stylistic sense...a delight!"
-Roy Proctor, The Richmond Times Dispatch

"...a show that relies so heavily on Bob Fosse's particularly angular vision in dances, which choreographer Stefan Sittig has translated well for performance by his more limited forces."
​-Brad Hathaway, Potomac Stages

"...the dance numbers are also impressive. The choreography by Stefan Sittig exploits the stage to its best advantage."-Lorin Buck, Fairfax Times.com

"Stefan Sittig's active choreography is just as stylized and atmospheric as the scenic design, skillfully mixing angular, modern motion with traces of African dance."
-Michael Toscano, The Washington Post 

"Choreographer Stefan Sittig keeps the stage alive with lots of  movement.  The officers do an outstanding routine-half tap dance, half parade-ground drill...that is one of the production's finest and funniest moments."-Jennifer Howard, The Charlottesville Review 

"Vigorously athletic and briskly paced...keeps the production surging forward."
-Geoffrey Himes, The Howard County Times

"Stefan Sittig's choreography is simple but fun and moves the show along rather than calling attention to the dance." -Michael Toscano, The Washington Post

"Never a false step was seen all evening; there was tremendous precision and Stefan Sittig as choreographer must be congratulated!  It is not usually easy to get singers to dance but he succeeded brilliantly both with the leads and the ensemble." 
-British Embassy Players' Ruby Griffith Awards

"...enough exuberance to lift the opening night's audience immediately out of their seats..."
 -Richard Gist, The Baltimore-Washington Theatre Page

"...slapstick brawls and lively dances, choreographed by Stefan Sittig, who combines the Charleston, the can-can and upbeat Fred Astaire-like tap routines."-Rosalind Lacy, The Rockville Gazette

"It was a long, strange trip, the 1960s, but "Beehive" takes the sting out and leaves only the honeys. Choreographer Stefan Sittig provides especially effective moments in the Tina Turner sequence."
-Michael Toscano, The Washington Post

"Choreographer Stefan Sittig puts the couple through their paces, having them glide around the ballroom in formal wear and then ham it up as a bickering, dowdy husband-and-wife team in baby-blue sailor outfits." -Brian Trompeter, Alexandria Sun Gazette

"Stefan Sittig beautifully moved the characters in the cocktail party settings of Venice, Hollywood and New York." -Bob Anthony, AllArtsReview4u